"This is a system where the highly favoured continuously grow to greater heights"

Even though the top 1% in the world give advices on how you can advance your life, they don't tell everything to people.

There are other information which is their discipline; and they are aware the disciplines can't apply to anyone else; only to them.

And that's how they mainten their hard earned wealth.

An example of this system occurred in my high school. We had the top 1% (those who scored As only throught their school life). Other students envied that status and worked twice harder. 

Competition became so stiff and the top 1% were getting scared on the trend. They decided to form their own group and lay down disciplines that made sure they were never displaced by others.

The disciplines worked in a way that, these top 1% became extremely smart in their working that, if you compared the marks of one of them and the marks of another person not in their group, a margin of 70 marks and above could be seen.

And if an outsider seemed to catch up with their pace, the person was quickly recruited (but never told the secret disciplines to 'other')

And for a long time, the top 1% occupied the top position and got VIP treatment.

Now within you, you've got different personalities, whom we can say are different 'people'.

Why not form a meeting with 'them' and lay down principles that will make you unstoppable in your life and education? And be plutonic

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