On day one, you were worried that no one will ever notice you,

You kept yourself shut in your comfort zone and looked for enroute's to keep yourself distracted..

But it felt so awkward when you'd stand alone in a place while others were laughing heartily and cheerfully..

So you decided to sheepishly follow  a particular person who was fun and seemed friendly

And not that you even liked them, but their energy was just so right to keep you calm

And then suddenly, you'd panic when everything seemed to go very fast; that you'd rather stay in your comfort zone till someone permanent appeared to make you feel alright..

And that permanent person was just something foreign that will spark your imagination, make your adrenaline rush in mayhem and keep you wondering how anything of the sort was achieved...

That something represented in Voicenote's ANIMATION PROGRAM

The trailers of the animation will be posted in all social media platforms;

but the full animation movie will be shown either in Cinemas or Downloaded from Voicenote's website ONLY

For the start, check out the anticipating trailers via this link:

There's so much ahead that we will achieve together.
By headquarters on Sept. 22, 2020, 5 a.m.
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