Reversed ecstasy

"If one wants to catch a thief, they send a thief.."

One time, boredom hits so hard that whatever else you try to do forthwith is meaningless..

And what does your thoughts do?

They drifts towards things you have NEVER tried!

And not just anything, these thoughts hype your hormones; they give you the urge to try the NEW things so as to kill boredom..

But won't you be susceptible to harm caused by the effects of the FOREIGN?

In 1465, King Alexander, while in his teenage years oftenly felt bored sitting in his father's palace all day doing nothing...

His father wouldn't let him join the warriors while they conquered vast lands across ancient Europe

So his thoughts drifted into something pleasurable to keep himself occupied and later try what he thought was fit;

Drinking wine, engaging in organised royalty banditry, intimacy with young maidens in the palace,re-conquering his father's land.....they were endless..

But he didn't know how the effects will be like, and didn't want to ruin his father's favour upon him as the only heir

So he went to his father's trusted courtmen who had done what he wished to do ..

They told him what to expect as outcome, and from there, Alexander knew what to venture into and what to avoid ..

It enabled him avoid unnecessary 'casualty'..

This time, it will be the current you building the future you; two people in one....

Because people build other people..

Hello morning here are some of the properties of the hospital system I informed you about.

It keeps the records of patients and transactions made.
It automatically reminds all patients of their appointments with their respective doctors vie sms
It has records of the hospital staff  and their respective work stations.
Modules for the lab pharmacy and doctor consultations are available this means that this information is shared to all personnel in the hospital and once a patient sees the doctor the lab technician knows of the illness they should test. When the patient goes back with the results to the doctors the pharmacist already knows what drug they are supposed to give out making the whole process entirely automated.
The software generates reports of patients visiting the facility in the periods asked for and their diseases this ensures that oubreaks are easily detected and nessecary measures are taken.
Backups data online vie google drive to ensure all important information is not lost incase of any calamities like fie floods etc.
Ensures security by recording all actions in secure dat files that can be accessed to monitor all the actions taken by stuff to be able to preisely monitor them  for integrity.

In terms of pricing the software costs around 80k shillings that makes it affordable than off the shelf softwares. It also offers the beauty of being customisable to diretly suit the needs of the respective hospital.

It works offline with an already familiar browser interface thus will be easily used.
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